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This wrap info page was made just for you to maximise the life of your investment.


First week issue resolutions

The first week is key to resolve any wrap issues. Due to the nature of vinyl it does expand and contract with temperature. If the vehicle is exposed to low temperatures or high varying temperatures as well as high humidity or Rain within 24hrs of completion it may develop bubbles or lift in deep recesses and 3D curves. If you notice any of these faults please contact us immediately to resolve the issue while it is still manageable. If you fail to contact us within 3 weeks of an issue occurring we may not be able to resolve the issue and will not replace the section if it could have been fixed within that time frame. If the issue is an installer fault we will book you in and replace or repair no problem.


Caring for your wrap

Please refer to 3M Wrap Care FAQ document attached for vehicle wrap info and how to care for the vinyl this applies to all brands of vinyl3M Wrap Care FQA Document


Warranties and life expectancy

Wrap Vinyl Warranties vary between Brands. We only use our trusted brands that have been tried and tested by us. Your wrap vinyl will be chosen specifically on colour choice. Warranties from each brand are very meticulously written and unless there is an obvious manufacturing fault a warranty claim must be well documented for us to put to the manufacturer. Unfortunately in Australia we have one of the highest concentrations of UV light in the world which effects all vinyl and inks so Australian warranties are different from the rest of the world. Metallic, sparkles, textures and effects have a lower life expectancy and do not fall under standard manufacturer warranties. Horizontal surfaces will less than halve the life of the vinyl especially bonnets. Warranties are for vertical surfaces only. Certain colours will fade quicker than others. Vinyl is not a permanent solution or should it be used to repair surfaces. Printed & laminated wraps are warranted for 3yrs although the actual vinyl itself is warranted for 7yrs. If you have concerns please contact us immediately. Life expectancy of your wrap is approximately 7yrs.


Removing your wrap

Removing your wrap is best done by professionals either ourselves or a vehicle detailer. If you would like to remove the graphics yourself please call and we can advise on the best way. Vinyl will not peel away your paint unless you have already well weathered, faulty or chipped paint.

Use Meguiars Supreme Shine HI-GLOSS Protectant once every 3 months to keep wrap Vinyl in Perfect Condition Links below for supercheap auto, autobarn and repco whichever is closest to you.—473ml/273683.html–g4016/p/A5463523

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